A new Internet Architecture for Quantum Speed and Security
Version Status : Ready for Prototyping and Field Testing
Patents             : WO 2021/019035 A1 - EP317385581
Available          :  approx. 1st  Quarter 2024

For Consumer

As an Android/iOS HTTP-QuSS Smartphone App, 
an integrated System on a Chip (SoC)
or as a transparent HTTP-QuSS OS Service 
For Double the Internet Bandwidth
Reduce transmitted Data Volume
Much faster WEB Page Load Performance
Eliminate Latency Issue

For Enterprises

As an transparent HTTP-QuSS Server Integration
Best use of limited Resources (Bandwidths)
More efficient and faster Data Transmission
Transparent and fast Integration into existing Infrastructure
Cost Savings
Higher Employee Satisfaction
No Latency Issues even within Satellite Networks

For Network Operators

Integrated directly into DSL/VSAT Routers etc.
Best use of limited Resources (Bandwidths)
More efficient and faster Data Transmission
Better Utilization of existing Infrastructure
Cost Savings
New Customers
Competitive Displacement
Image Profit

Round Trips

Will destroy significantly the available TCP Bandwidth !

HTTP-QuSS with his patented Single Stream processing Technology solves this Issue and provides always the Maximum available Bandwidth and Performance no Matter of Distance, Amount and Time of Round Trips.

No TCP Latency
even in
GEO Satellite Networks

Only 1 Round Trip is needed to push a complete
WEB Site into the Client WEB Browser.
Fully transparent and no need
to change any Settings or
Hardware Configurations 

4 Layer AI supported
Cyber Security

The patented Single Stream Processing Chain
allows the seamless integration of the
next Generation 4 Layer AI supported Cyber Security

Layer 1: AI Supported Firewall
Layer 2: AI Supported Vulnerabilities Real-Time Data Stream Scanner
Layer 3: Providing Client Real-Time Protection at Runtime
Layer 4: Quantum Secure Keyless 2 Level Data Encryption

Preparing for
Quantum Internet

Through its new disruptive hardware and software
Architecture, HTTP-QuSS is an important link
in future hybrid networks consisting of classic
and future Quantum Internet infrastructures..

Bandwidth Shaping Network Slicing

Real-Time dynamic Bandwidth Shaping together with Network Slicing is the ability for Cable (DSL, Vectoring), Mobile (3,4,5G) or Satellite (GEO, MEO, LEO) Networks to size the transmission Path to exactly meet a Customer's Bandwidth Needs.

Today, every Customer gets the same-sized Data Channel, meaning a lot of Bandwidth is wasted when Customers use less than a full Channel.

HTTP-QuSS with these very important Features fullfils these Requirements and brings the new upcoming 5G and LEO Satellite Networks seamless together.

In Action

Benchmark Test between 
RTT = 1 000 ms