HTTP-QuSS  App or System on a Chip (SoC) for End-Users

HTTP-QuSS consists of high Performance Supercomputers and lightweight Client Apps-  or an integrated System on Chip (SoC) for Android, iOS and Windows Devices.

The HTTP-QuSS Supercomputer processes and transmits URL requests to the Client Browser in such a way that up to 90 % less Data for static and up to 50 % for dynamic WEB Contents will be transmitted and therefor only a fractional of Bandwidth is needed to provide a similar performance as you would expect within a high Broadband Connection..

System on a Chip (SoC)

Double existing Bandwidth by an already Device integrated System on a Chip (SoC)

Smartphone App

Double existing Bandwidth by downloading an App

Reduced Costs

Can reduce monthly Costs dramatically because
Data Volume will be reduced by 90 %

WEB Surf Performance

Latency free high WEB Page Load Performance

Provider Contracts

No Upgrade of existing Provider Contracts

No Latency in all
Data Transmission Media

Works in WiFi - 3,4,5G - Cooper - Fibre Optic - GEO, MEO, LEO Satellite Networks

Cloud Performance

Much better Performance for Cloud Applications and Backup Solutions

Broadband in rural Areas

Broadband Availability, even in rural Areas