The HTTP-QuSS Technology designed for
AI enabled Data Centers and Networks

To reach TCP Quantum like Data Transmission Speed and Security for SOA Internet
Ready for the upcoming Quantum Internet

WEB Processing Workloads for
AI Factories.

AI Data Centers are typically made up of finely tuned Hardware consisting
of hundreds of thousands GPU Processors, a specialized Network,
and a huge amount of Storage.

The HTTP-QuSS newly designed processing Chains use these new AI enabled Hardware Processing Power
in stealth Mode for all kinds of WEB Applications to provide Quantum Like Internet Data Transmission Speed and AI supported Cyber Security

AI Accelerated Networking

Combines CPUs, GPUs, DPUs (Data Processing Units), or SuperNICs into an accelerated Computing Fabric specifically designed to optimize
AI Networking Workloads.

HTTP-QuSS newly designed Network Processing Chains use these Features to generate outgoing Latency Free Data Streams and for a smart Real-Time Network Shaping and Slicing.

TCP 1 Gbit/s
Latency Benchmarks

See TCP 1 Gbit/s Latency Measurement Series, performed with Test Software and highly accurate Hardware supported Network Simulators, with Figures and Facts how the Latency affects the real used TCP Bandwidth and an Evidence that the HTTP-QuSS disruptive WEB Processing Workloads solves this Problem.

Important Link between the existing and Quantum Internet

In order to use the Speed of a purely quantum-based Internet, the Data must be processed and transmitted accordingly using the computing Power of AI Factories.

HTTP-QuSS already uses these Transmission Methods today and thus
provides an important Link between the existing and the Quantum Internet.