In-Car Internet

Fast WEB Page Load Time  because of
new patented disruptive quantum like Data Transmission

Usage of Supercomputer Grid Rendering Engines

All State of the Art WEB Browser are seamless supported

No Distance and Speed related Latency Dependencies

Page Load Time always Constant no Matter of 3,4,5G or
GEO, MEO,LEO Satellite Data Links

Integrated AI supported Active Cyber Security

Keyless 4 Layer Quantum Secure Encryption

HTTP-QuSS Client as System on a Chip (SoC)

Works even when the car is moving

Therefore altogether significantly improved User Experience

Transparent Network Integration

No need to change Network Infrastructure by fully transparent Network Integration

Supports all common WEB Browsers

TCP-TLS-HTTP2 | 5 Mbit/s | RTT = 1000 ms

HTTP-QuSS | 5 Mbit/s |
RTT = 1000 ms